Nearly 15 million people suffer from sleep apnea, a breathing disorder that disrupts sleep and makes waking hours miserable. This quiz is designed to alert you o any problems resulting from poor sleep.

Check the boxes below if the following statement describes you:

I’ve been told that I snore.
I wake up choking and gasping.
I’ve been told that I stop breathing while asleep.
I am overweight.
I sweat in my sleep.
I suddenly wake up unable to breathe.
I wake up tired and un-rested.
I feel sleepy during the daytime.
I have fallen asleep at work, school etc.
I have fallen asleep while driving.
My sleep is restless and disturbed.
Quality of life is affected by my fatigue.
I have gained weight.
I have morning headaches.
People have noticed a change in my personality.
I have high blood pressure.
I feel fatigued during the daytime.
I have lost interest in sex.
I often have trouble staying asleep.

Score Your Results: If you have checked three or more boxes, you show symptoms of SLEEP APNEA, which frequently causes you to stop breathing in your sleep. Please review your results with your doctor to discuss your symptoms.

It’s not exciting. In fact, it’s not even memorable. Yet, sleep apnea will take your breath away. Most commonly caused by an obstruction that periodically blocks the airflow during sleep, sleep apnea may result in an irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, and even stroke or death.

At night, sleep apneics:
Snore, snort, and gasp for breath, then jerk suddenly, and resume breathing.
Perspire heavily during sleep.
Experience an irregular pounding or beating of the heart.
During the day, sleep apneics may:
Experience excessive sleepiness.
Complain of a lack of restful sleep.
Awake with a headache.
Feel confused upon awakening.
Have high blood pressure.
Experience impotence.
Exhibit personality changes.

If a sleeping child snores, squeaks or had trouble breathing consult a health-care provider.

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