Why do most preschool children awaken and cry at night?

Separation anxiety.
Schedule changes.
Too much sugar or caffeine.
Too much sleep during the day.
Habit-waking brings comfort attention, food, or drink.

How can you encourage your child to go back to sleep?

Be firm about it being bedtime, but reassuring, you’re nearby.
For added comfort and reassurance, provide a night-light, cuddly toy, or pacifier.
When you get to your child’s room, speak to him/her, but don’t touch or pick them up, sit nearby, if necessary, until he drifts off.

Sleepwalking, while alarming, is common in young children. Most eventually outgrow the behavior. In the meantime, protect your little sleepwalkers from accidents by locking doors and windows and putting safety gates across stairs.

If laying your child down to sleep takes all night and these steps don’t help, please seek medical advice.

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